Pirate Adventure Experience – Shows and Strolling



Offering a Comedy Magic Variety Danger show, Pirate Man Dan thrills young and old alike. Complete with his own 40ft wide by 25ft deep set with backdrop, carpet, signage and props or can be performed street style or on your stage. Shows consist of thrilling escapes, unicycle stunts, knife or fire juggling, balloons and whacky antics, music and dance moves, all choreographed to a pirate nautical theme and story. Each show uses the full audience in participation and even keeps the teenagers engaged. Watch your patrons be part of the show, gasp at the stunts, and laugh harder than you thought possible


Shows are 20-30 minutes as requested/scheduled and are self contained. 110v standard outlet within 100ft of the performance area is required. Footprint of 40ft wide by 25ft deep minimum technical requirement for self contained stage.




Strolling consists of stilt walking, unicycling, and the Pirate Adventure Experience Attraction-the electric ship. The only entertainment of it’s kind, Pirate Man Dan drives around the grounds on board the 10ft x 4ft ship. Jaws drop at the attraction and kids follow the ship and it’s bubbles like a pied piper (when requested). Custom built, it can turn around on the spot and has fun underglow, a PA system for music, and impromptu micro show, fog hookup, and LED lights at night making this prop a show stopper and one of the most Instagramed and news covered activities at the fair. Your patrons are teleported into a magical world when Pirate Man Dan is in the area, much like the interactive character experiences you see at theme parks.  Celebrities, grandma, and toddlers have hopped on the ship, grabbed a foam sword and taken photos across the country, cementing that memory forever. Easily able to place a banner sponsor on the back of the ship, many events fully sponsor the attraction fee that way, year after year. In all forms of strolling, Pirate Man Dan aims to be seen by the whole fair. All of your staff and vendors should have seen part of his act by the end of the fair, as he even ducks into cattle barns on stilts, or unicycles into buildings in full pirate accented persona. Please check out the photos page for images of the action.


Where are some of the fairs Daniel Jolley performed?

*Represent Years Performed

Tunbridge Worlds Fair-VT, ***********

Vermont Dairy Festival-VT, ********

Vermont Maple Festival-VT ***** 

   Franklin County Fair-VT, ******

Lamoille County Field Days-VT **************

Orleans County Fair-VT, *******

Connecticut Valley Fair-VT, ***** 

     Bradford Fair-VT **

Springfield Fair VT ** 

North Haverhill Fair-NH **

Cornish Fair, NH **

Chesire Fair, NH ****

Lancaster Fair-NH ***

  Deerfield Fair-NH *********

Hopkinton State Fair-NH ***

Portland Fair, CT******

Eastern States Exposition-MA

Martha’s Vineyard Fair-MA ***

Spencer Fair-MA *******

Franklin County Fair-MA *********

Topsfield Fair-MA *

Cummington Fair-MA ****

Georgia State Fair-GA

 Georgia Mountain Fair, GA *

 Monroe County Fair, IN ******

Rock Island County Fair IL *

South Mississippi Fair-MS ******

National Peanut Festival-AL ***

Sebastian County Fair-AR ***

Greater Gulf State Fair-AL **

Manatee County Fair-FL ***

Pasco County Fair-FL**

Putnam County Fair-FL**

Sumter County Fair-FL

Okeechobee County Fair-FL**

Clay County Fair-FL***

Southwest Florida and Lee County Fair

St Lucie County Fair-FL

Broome County Fair-NY **

Washington County Fair, NY

Big Show-WY



and too many small festivals to list. 

Daniel Jolley has worked the fair industry since 2006 starting in central Vermont at age 15! And now 16 years later has grown a passion into just about every aspect of seeing the industry succeed. Working as a clown www.buddytheclown.com he has seen a drastic change in clientele of the average fair.  Daniel created the Pirate Man Dan character in 2016 as an alternative to having him as a clown performer or general variety artist. He loves the fair environment the most out of all the venues, and does between 22-30 fairs/festivals a year on average with a rebook rate over 80%.