Pirate Man Dan is a brand new entertainment offering mobile and stage entertainment in the fair and festival industry. For years we have seen a decline in those who stay and watch an entire magic, clown or other variety show. Simply put, the younger generation has a smaller attention span than most of the tried and true fair goers that have been your patrons for years. This has caused a rise in strolling entertainers with stilts, balloon twisters, inflatable characters and more, who the younger generation have been drawn to because of the “selfie” environment and the individual interaction that they value. This has caused a problem for fair directors and managers as they try to figure what will best fit their fair in the wake of a changing clientele.

So, what does Pirate Man Dan do in the fair market?

Pirate Man Dan offers the unique experience of being both a strolling and stage entertainer. Using a mobile electric pirate ship, Pirate Man Dan can move around the fairgrounds with music, fog, and bubbles. Stopping for photos and interaction, there is no other entertainment offering that gives this sort of interactive experience. Newspapers and print advertising love the value and newness of this industry changing invention, and photos tend to move around the area viraly on both the paper and social media platforms. Then, when appointed by the fair or contracted in the Pirates performance. Pirate Man Dan can move to an open area, or in front of bleachers and stop to do a mobile pirate show that is interactive and fun for the young and old alike. The shows can include juggling, unicycling, magic, physical comedy and music in a pirate theme. Of course using the ship for all of the props and sound system. Everything is completely included and mobile. No need for a plugin in the performance area, and everything is battery operated including the sound.

Without the pirate ship, Pirate Man Dan can work with stilts, airbrush tattoo. individual magic interaction as well as his 200+ balloon repertoire and unicycle skills. If you want all that Pirate man does without the ship, the technical details change but the show and other strolling bits do not!

What Safety measures are in place?

The ship has many safety features built in and is throttled at a speed of 3 miles an hour  tops when on the fairgrounds. One of the benefits of standing on the ship, Dan is able to see all around him and keep it slow and safe for those who are close. His pirate music ambiance located in the front and the back of the ship and you can hear him coming from 15-20ft away. Also included on board is a fire extinguisher -first aid kits- and generally a gallon of water. At fairs, you may never what can happen. And Dan is ready to administer first aid or other emergency aid for anyone in need. Thankfully with electric roving acts in the past-with all of this on board, he has never had to make use of any of them. But is well prepared in the case of emergency.

Where has Dan performed?

Daniel Jolley has performed at

Tunbridge Worlds Fair-VT, ********

Vermont Dairy Festival-VT, *****

Vermont Maple Festival-VT *****

Franklin County Fair-VT, *****

Lamoille County Field Days-VT **********

Orleans County Fair-VT, ******

Connecticut Valley Fair-VT, *****

Bradford Fair-VT **

SpringField Fair VT **

, North Haverhill Fair-NH **

, Lancaster Fair-NH ***

, Deerfield Fair-NH ******

, Hopkinton State Fair-NH ***

, Marthas Vineyard Fair-MA ***

, Spencer Fair-MA ****

, Franklin County Fair-MA ******

, Topsfield Fair-MA *

, Cummington Fair MA **

, Georgia Mountain Fair, GA *

, Monroe County Fair, IA ***

,Rock Island County Fair IL *

,South Mississippi Fair *

,Vermonster 4×4 Spring/Fall ***********

and too many small festivals to list. * Represents number of years performed at fair.

Daniel Jolley has worked the fair industry since 2006 in central Vermont at age 15! And now 11 years later has grown a passion into just about every aspect of seeing the industry succeed. Working as a clown www.buddytheclown.com he has seen a drastic change in clientele of the average fair.  Daniel created the Pirate Man Dan character in 2016 as an alternative to having him as a clown performer or general variety artist.